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The Legend


“Friends, it’s time we yacht rock” 
That’s what Captain Doc said in 2020. And when the captain speaks, his crew listens!


So, after navigating through tumultuous seas of tribute bands, and sub-par cover acts, Captain Doc spent painstaking hours putting together a top-notch crew of musicians the likes the Seven Seas have never seen.


And thus, The Fabulous Yachtsmen were born!


Captain & Crew


Sebastian Cornelius Dockwell (aka ‘Doc’) has always had the voice of a banshee, and he’s been a trained singer extraordinaire since he first held a microphone. He only surrounds himself with the finest crew of musicians & scalawags:


The Siren Sisters, two dangerous ladies who have the moves and voices that get everyone grooving.

Cameron Black, Doc’s saxy first mate. Often found hopping around stage, “thar she blows”!

Tommy Gruber, bassist who always keeps his deck and ears clean.

Brian Barton, his lead guitar lines keeps the wind in our sails.

Danny Alfaro, his war beats can be heard from miles away.






Wizards of Oz Management

Sir Thomas Gruber